ONE living capsules by Costas Gagos, a new way of accomodation!
ONE living capsules by Costas Gagos represent an innovative living experience, characterized by contemporary architecture and minimal design.They are modular, prefabricated, transportable capsules designed with high standards of luxury and sustainability. Their design and construction are entirely carried out in Greece, demonstrating at every opportunity a commitment to high quality.

The first version of the ''Open Plan Suite'' (capsule of approx. 52 sqm) was designed to meet the requirements of a five-star hotel suite and the comforts of a private holiday home. ONE Living capsules are the future in both the visitor resort sector and personal aspirations for unique, personalised accommodation experiences.
Oneliving image
One Living encapsulates my philosophy on human-centric architecture and the profound value of a well-designed environment for nourishing our souls.